"The 3 Step Framework for Balanced Chakras"

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In this FREE Workshop, you'll learn::

How your chakras impact your mind and life. Learn how each of your energy centers affect the way you express yourself to the world

How each chakra connects with aspects of your body. Learn how each chakra is connected to parts of your body and how imbalances in one impacts the other

Specific and easy ways to create big shifts. Learn how to balance each chakra without years of meditation or costly energy work and training

Presented by:

Lisa Powers

Lisa has been a Practitioner and Teacher in the Complimentary Medicine space for the past 25 years, teaching and working with over 170,000 students and clients to date. Her passion lies in getting to the root of things - whether it is an imbalance, or a key on the path to increased awareness. She loves to teach others how to tap into their intuition to become conscious creators in their lives.